Clinical Bike Fit

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Whether you are new to cycling, a recreational cyclist with aches and pains or a competitive cyclist wanting to optimise power & efficiency we can help.

Moira Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic is delighted to offer clinical bike fits as a unique service for our patients.

Our exclusive bike fit uses an approach that covers every aspect of the cyclist and their position on their bike. Our bike fit differs from others by focusing on the foot-pedal interface. We cover this in great detail to examine areas such as tilt/angle and rotation of the cleats.

The bike fit takes approximately 2 hours to complete and involves a detailed biomechanical assessment of the cyclist on their bike as well as video analysis, laser alignment and other precise measurements.

The bike fit is unique in that it is carried out by Chartered Physiotherapists with a certified bike fit qualification. We do not solely fit the bike to the cyclist but also provide a thorough biomechanical assessment and evaluation, as well as personalised home exercise programmes for strength and flexibility as well as expertise in injury identification and management.

The bike fit covers:

    • Physical assessment of cylcists muscle flexibility and joint mobility.
    • Functional assessment of strength and core stability.
    • Dynamic assessment of the individual cycling mechanism.
    • Adjustment to cleat /pedal interface with use of wedges and shims as required.
    • Adjustment to saddle and handlebars to optimise cycling efficiency, comfort and to minimise potential injury.


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Carried out by Chartered Physiotherapists with a Certified Bike Fit Qualification

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