Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm Landline: 02892612907


With a large percentage of the working population now desk-based in nature we are seeing more patients presenting to us with musculoskeletal disorders arising from poor posture and occupational injuries.

We offer a service to employers where we complete Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments with staff to reduce the risks of developing problems initially and promoting a healthier and safer working environment. This will in turn help to reduce absenteeism for employers by improving employees’ overall health and feeling of wellbeing, to keep them fit for work or return to work sooner following injury or illness.

We are also available to do back care seminars as well as ‘learning lunches’ on topics such as manual handling, stress and relaxation, running & cycling injuries and clinical bike fitting

If interested in our Occupational Health Physiotherapy service please contact us on 02892612907.