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Why do Yoga?

A powerful solution to the stresses of modern day life, yoga can help you develop a fit and supple body through the practice of postures that improve balance and coordination.

The easy to follow series of yoga postures (asanas) assist to tone muscles, regulate circulation and blood pressure, increase mobility of your joints and spine and promote overall health.

As well as physical benefits the postures and techniques learnt will help relaxation, breathing control and calm the mind. The relaxation and meditation elements increase your concentration and give you the ability to cope with stress and tension common in many of our busy lives.

When and how much?

Our yoga classes run on Mondays 7.30pm – 8.30pm

NB. Please aim to be at least 5 minutes early so that the class can begin on time with minimum disruption.

The classes coincide with school terms and cost £7 per class. There is the option of block booking your place for the term, which reduces the cost per class.

NB. Payment must be received prior to the beginning of the class (unless you have block booked your place and paid prior to your first class).

Meet Marina

Having first started practicing yoga 13 years ago in Siberia, I have followed it ever since, exploring different styles of yoga: hatha, iyengar, ashtanga, birkam. From day one I realised that I wanted to teach yoga and share this wonderful and wise system with others and in 2008 I’ve graduated from YTTC (now Santosha Yoga Studio) as a hatha yoga instructor.

I believe yoga practice is a great tool in improving yourself not only physically but also mentally as it teaches self-discipline and control of your mind over your body which is becoming extremely important in our every day life.

What does a typical class involve?

Classes will be an hour in duration. Most of the class will be spent performing postures that will specifically work certain areas of the body, to either stretch or strengthen them.

Yoga is unique in that the movements are carefully co-ordinated with the breath, which can make a big difference to how the body feels. Occasionally, the instructor will adjust you whilst in a posture to assist in getting most benefit from it. At times equipment such as blocks are used in the class, again to assist in allowing the body to perform the posture correctly.

Following the posture work the class is ended with a relaxation practice to allow the body to settle again and allow you to feel the benefits of the class!

What to bring to Yoga?

There are no specific requirements to participate. Mats and other equipment are provided. You will, however, need to wear loose fitting clothes and it is advisable not to eat a big meal 2 hours before the class starts.

If you would like to book a place in our yoga class please contact us to reserve a spot.